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Tianjin Bang Name

Tianjin Bang was created for one purpose. To have a central place on the Internet of all things Tianjin.

We know how difficult things can be when travelling or moving abroad, so here at Tianjin Bang we thought  we’d create a place where you can find information easily, clearly and without all the if’s, but’s and maybe’s.

All of us here in the Tianjin Bang Team, have been living in Tianjin for several years, with a lot of experience travelling around Tianjin and the rest of China. With a lot of information on the Internet about Tianjin and other cities, it can be very difficult to find the exact information you’re looking for. This where Tianjin Bang comes into its own.

We have utilized this site to use advanced searching features, and to also make it easy to navigate on all web browsers, on home computer and mobile devices.

Having the information in your hands at any time, or to easily find what you’re looking for, is our priority.

We hope you enjoy Tianjin Bang, don’t forget to leave a comment, and if there is anything you’d like to see on the site then please let us know.

Many thanks Tianjiner’s

The Tianjin Bang Team.

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