Changhong Ecological Park



Chinese Name: 长虹生态园 – Chánghóng Shēngtài Yuán

Address: West Gate 西大门 – Xi dàmén – 红旗路与渭水道的路口 – Hóngqí lù yǔ wèi shuǐdào de Lùkǒu. This is the biggest entrance, where most of the vendors are selling snacks, water and childrens toys, and also very close to the Changhong Park Metro Line 2 Station. If you buy the water squirter sticks for your kids, don’t pay more than 10 a piece for the big ones!

Entrance via Changhong Charming Street – South East Gate – 东南门 – 青年路,西市大街的路口 – Qīngnián lù, xi shì dàjiē de Lùkǒu. – Intersection of Qingnian Lu and Xishi Da Jie.

This park is nice and has lots of activities for children. It has a lot of young trees in the middle, so it’s not so shady, except on the path around the perimeter, and it’s kind of dusty and dry, but it’s an adventure like all parks here, and definitely a big one for kids. When I went I entered on the southeast side, walking first through the Changhong Charming Street. I definitely recommend this approach, because it is a nice, really Chinese-feeling experience, but the west entrance is easier. There are restaurants and things for sale in pretty, old buildings.

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