This is a wonderful store in Ao Cheng that carries just about everything you can imagine. Among the many things they carry are Food Coloring, Baking Powder, Tortilla Chips, Vanilla Extract, Canned Vegetables of all kinds, Breakfast Cereal, Christmas and Halloween Decorations and Costumes, Biscuits and Cookies of all kinds, Frozen Waffles, Breadsticks, Garlic Toast, Bird’s Eye Vegetables, Pizza, lots of imported candy, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Salsa, Spices, Sour Cream, Deli Meat, Plain Yogurt, Cheese, Meat, Vegetables. It’s like walking into a small market back home. Here’s a little map to show you where it is at Aocheng.

Show a Taxi Driver: Aocheng 奥城广场-宾水西道与凌宾路 – Ao Chéng Guǎngchǎng – Bīnshuǐ Xī Dào yǔ Língbīn Lù – Aocheng Plaza on Binshui West Road and Lingbin Road


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