Fuxing Park


Name in Chinese: 复兴公园 Fuxing Gongyuar

Address: 复兴公园,西安道之间的长沙路,柳州路 – Fùxīng Gōngyuán, Xī’ān Dào zhī jiān de Chángshā Lù, Liǔzhōu Lù – Fuxing Park on Xi’an Dao between Changsha Lu and Liuzhou Lu

Fuxing Park is located near Nanjing Lu and Binjiang Dao, sort of behind the Hotel Nikko. The nearest subway station is Yingkou Dao, Line 1. It’s a nice little park with a playground for children (not so easy to find around here) and a good collection of grandparents playing chess and cards and dancing and doing those strange tennis-cum-tai-chi exercises.There’s a water feature that is filled with stagnant water in the summer, and is empty and okay to play in in the winter. The park is filled with children on the weekends and after school, and filled with grandmas and little babies in the mornings.

There are public toilets (yay) near the south gate on Xi’an Dao, which is also the gate that is most easily entered with a stroller. Also, in the northeast corner of the park is an entrance to the Easy Zone, a Asian/Western restaurant that is moderately priced and delicious. Among other things, they have yummy fries and wings and smoothies.


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