Mu Nan Dao Park

Mu Nan Dao Park is more an open developed park, than a regular park. With lots of different flowers being planted throughout the year, this park is a great place to come and see some exotic plants and an array of colours.

Not far from the famous 5 ROADS in Tianjin, this park is extremely

busy during the weekends, with many families and children getting together doing some sort of activities, and with the older folk doing their regular daily fix of exercise, this park does seem very active.

Considering it’s size, and location there isn’t really much here besides some peace and quiet and somewhere different to visit in Tianjin. With a huge fountain at the end of the park, green scenery and sitting area, if you’re looking for a safe place for your kids just to run around, sit down with your partner, or get away from the inner city which doesn’t take too long, then Mu Nan Dao Park, is a good little choice.

Where is it?

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睦南公园 Mu Nan Dao Park

Address: 和平区睦南道 (近大理道68号)
Mu Nan Raod, He Ping District  ( near NO.68 Da Li Road )
This park is by the five roads.

Pictures by TianjinBang


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