People’s Park


Chinese Name:  人民公园 – Renmin Gongyuar

Directions: Just show this to a taxi: 河西区人民公园

You can also say that it’s on the intersection of Yong’an Dao and Guangdong Lu – 永安道,广东路的交叉点.  The park is also very close to Metro Line 1. If you get off at Xiawafang, take the exit labeled Renmin Gongyuan, exit B, and when you come out at street level, as you’re facing the street, turn to the right, walking toward Qiongzhou Dao. At Qiongzhou Dao, turn right and after crossing one small street, you will be walking along the outer wall of the park, which, unfortunately, doesn’t have an entrance until you get to the next major road. I’ve made a little low-tech map to show where all the attractions are in the park.

The park has a small amusement park in the northeast corner that seems to be open on weekends in warm weather, and maybe every day in the summer? I will have to add more information about that when I know more. It also has a free giant slide that strikes terror into my heart whenever I look at it, but if my children see it, they must join the other children and do it, too.

There are two giant cages of birds (mixes of pigeons, chickens, peacocks and parakeets) in separate parts of the park, including one with a very unusual white peacock. There is also the pile of rocks so popular at parks here, that I think they like to call a mountain, and there seem to be no restrictions on climbing them.

The best features of the park (at least in my children’s opinion) are the sand box and the children’s boats in the pool across from the sandbox. Outdoor sand is hard to find around here, so my children get really excited about it, and I feel comfortable letting them go barefoot because I see other people doing it.

The little boats are in a square inflated pool near the sandbox, and you pay the man ten kuai and he puts your child in his or her own little boat that is propelled by hand, and that ten kuai buys you ten minutes in the pool. On busy days, there’s a guy keeping track of the time. On quiet days, it seems like they don’t require the children to get out at any particular time. There’s a man walking around in waders making sure children don’t do anything they shouldn’t do (like try to fall out), and retrieving children when it’s time to get out.

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