Songjiang Country Club


This is a new country club quite a ways outside the city, and I can’t figure out what the catch is, but at least right now, it’s free to visit. It has a little menagerie with ostriches, deer and birds, a fishing pond, and probably the best playground in the city. There are also giant replicas of Mongolian yurts (made out of cement, so clearly, not even an attempt is being made at authenticity – I’d like to see nomads try to move those from place to place) and an ecological garden. The horseback riding, from what I hear, costs an arm and a leg. I can’t figure out why it’s free, but you can just go in and park in the lot immediately to your right, and wander around unhindered. The menagerie is also to your right, right past the parking lot, and the playground is to your left, in the courtyard of the buildings there.

Chinese Name: 松江乡村俱乐部 – Sōngjiāng Ciāngcūn Jùlèbù

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Location: 天津市津南区八里台镇国家农业科技园区内(津港公路二八公里处)- Tiānjīn shì Jīnnán Qū Bālǐtái Zhèn Guójiā Nóngyè Kējì Yuánqū Nèi (Jīngǎng Gōnglù Erbā Gōnglǐ Chù) – Balitai Town, Jinnan District, National Agricultural Science and Technology Park

I took the Subway Line 1 all the way out to the last stop, Shuanglin, and took a taxi from there, which should cost 45 kuai based on the mileage, and which actually cost me 50 (there were just a bunch of those meter-less taxis outside the subway station). Insist on 50, and do not accept more. One guy tried to offer me 100. It’s about a 25 minute ride from the station. Once your driver turns off the major highway and you see signs that say Songjiang or something, there should be signs pointing toward the club, and a minute or two down, on the right side , is the club, another right turn.

Contact Information: 022-28559999 (You could always have the driver call this if you’re lost)

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