Tai Hing

Looking for delicious Cantonese food with great service! Well… I recently went to a restaurant with some friends, who are really big on their Cantonese food. The restaurant’s name was Tai Hing, it is a chain of restaurants that is becoming extremely popular today.

Tai Hing is located on the Third Floor of joy city, just around the corner from Zara. First impressions of the restaurant were very good, we were welcomed by nice and friendly staff, and the restaurant seemed quite busy, which is always a good sign.

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As we sat down, and looked through the menu, we saw some pretty delicious food on offer, the best one for me, had to be the honest roast pork. The pork was so tender and the honey just made it perfect! It was be far my favorite dish, and would go back just for that alone.

The Service

The service was excellent, considering the amount of people already in the restaurant also ordering food, our first couple of dishes arrived within only a few minutes, which we were all quite surprised about.

The waiters seemed to be on the ball and aware of what people were ordering, which shows good training and possibly good management.

Of course, we cannot guarantee the quality of service for every person, but so far I’ve had a very good experience and first impression.



For four people, ordering around 5-7 dishes you are looking at around 300 – 400 rmb including cold soft drinks or tea.

Per Person around 80-100 rmb

Where is it?

Tai Hing is located in Joy City, on the third floor. Just around the corner from Zara, and also not too far from TJMex. As you come around the corner from Zara just head straight, it is directly in front of you. You can’t miss it.



If you’re looking for some delicious Cantonese food then I would definitely recommend Tai Hing. Great food, good service and would highly recommend the Honey Roast Port to everyone! Delicious!


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