Tao Hua Park (Peach Blossom)


At the moment of this posting (2014/3/23) the peach blossoms are out, so now is the time to go! This park winds along the North Canal (北运河 – Bei Yun He) in Hongqiao District and is made up entirely of peach trees, so the park is THE destination when the trees blossom. Many people start at the West Gate and walk along the canal to come out at the other end on Guang Rong Road, the South Gate. It will obviously be very crowded on the weekend closest to the peak blossom time, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

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Location: 桃花园-西门 - 红桥区桃花堤东道 – Táohuāyuán – Xīmén – Hóngqiáo Qū Táohuādī Dōngdào – Peach Blossom Park , West Gate, Hongqiao District, Taohuadi East Road

Bus Station, West Gate: 勤俭桥 – Qínjiǎn Qiáo – 47, 48, 810, 852, 911

Bus Station, South Gate: 北洋桥 – Běiyáng Qiáo – 683, 733, 855, 879, 906

Bus Station, South Gate: 栖霞里 – Qīxiá Lǐ – 34, 602, 622, 658, 733, 855, 879



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