Tianjin Museum

The Tianjin Museum is on the southwest corner of Galaxy Plaza, opened in 2013. It is beautiful inside, very spacious and quiet and elegant, home to many artifacts from Tianjin (and China)’s long history. The highlight, I’d say, would be the third floor, which features a room devoted to the history of the last 100 years, since foreign occupation (you may also feel a bit uncomfortable representing the foreign element in there, but it’s fascinating to see the effects that foreign nations had on the city and how completely they occupied it).  There is also generally a special exhibit on the fifth floor which costs money, I believe it was 20 for the African weapons exhibit, children free, and at the end of the special exhibit, there may be activities for children (at the African exhibit there was a simple maze, African drums to play, and a mask-painting station). All-in-all, the museum is not really appropriate for younger children. There isn’t anything that is hands-on, and some of the exhibits are difficult for them to see, and none of it really appeals to them, except for the re-enactment on the third floor of a war against the British, which my children could have watched for hours. There’s also a really neat recreation of the city street in the early 19th century. I would definitely say this is a must-visit, if only for the third floor, to get some perspective on the history of the city we live in, for older children and adults.

As with all museums here, even though it is free, you must still retrieve a ticket to go in. For each adult attending, you must present an ID card or passport to receive a free ticket. The entrance to the museum faces the water in the center of the square, around the “back” from the road, and if you are walking around the side of the museum, between the museum and the library next to it, once you turn left to walk toward the main entrance, you will see a smaller entrance almost immediately to your left, pictured below, where you must go to get your tickets.

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9:00-16:00, closed on Mondays




[box style=’note’] You must bring your passport to collect your free ticket. [/box]



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天津博物馆 – 银河广场 – 河西区平江道60号

Tiānjīn Bówùguǎn- Yínhé Guǎngchǎng- Héxī Qū Píngjiāng Dào 60 hào

Tianjin Museum – Galaxy Plaza – 60 Pingjiang Road, Hexi District

The bus stop is Tianjin Bowuguan (Museum), and the buses are: 47, 655, 662, 668, 686, 800, 835, 912, 968.

The nearest subway stops are Nanlou or Tucheng on Line 1.














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